The HVCC Hamburg Vessel Coordination Center is the central, neutral, cross company coordination point for large size vessels, feeder and barges in the Port of Hamburg.Terminals and shipping companies can make use of its operational coordination service for the arrival of vessels in the port of Hamburg, rotation planning within the port and departure after handling whether they are in charge of a ultra-large container vessel, a bulker or a cruise ship, feeder or inland vessel. The HVCC also functions as a communication interface between the Hamburg Vessel Traffic Service and the Elbe Pilots.

There are two departments at the HVCC: The Nautical Terminal Coordination (or NTC) takes care of traffic planning for large size vessels, and the Feeder Logistics Center (or FLC) coordinates the feeder and barges within the port.

Work at the HVCC follows one simple principle: If all participants provide the data required for ship arrivals and departures or port rotation to a central, operational coordination point, and are occasionally willing to put their own interests second, then the entire River Elbe / Port of Hamburg system can be run more smoothly which benefits everyone involved.

The HVCC Hamburg Vessel Coordination Center is a joint venture between the two container terminal operators in the Port of Hamburg, Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) and EUROGATE Container Terminal Hamburg GmbH (CTH).

Our unique features
  • The HVCC provides a neutral, cross-terminal operational coordination service for vessels.
  • With the HVCC, shipping companies, terminals and administrative bodies (e.g. Hamburg Port Authority and VTS- Center) have a centralised single point of contact.
  • The HVCC operates 24/7.
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History As a project under the name Feeder Control Center Feeder Vessels have been coordinated in the Port of Hamburg since 2004. In 2009 therefrom the independent FLC Hamburg Feeder Logistik Center company was originated.

Since 2014, the arrival and departure of ultra-large vessels have been coordinated by the NTC as a new department within the FLC. At the same time the coordination services for barges have also been added to the FLCs portfolio.

On 1st of November 2015, the FLC and NTC merged to form the new HVCC.